In 2019, the Automobile Association of America forecast that around 853,000 motorists would need their services during the holiday season for roadside assistance. There are many reasons for an automobile to break down, but these are the most common:

Troubled batteries

Your car battery will typically last you up to five years. Although you can easily schedule its replacement, there are telltale signs that you need a new one earlier than you anticipated. The ‘check engine’ prompt on your vehicle will light up as a sign that the battery power is weak. Besides this, your engine will take more time to start and will make a cranking sound as you turn it on. Other signs of a troubled battery are engines that sometimes or always doesn’t start. Having your car checked as soon as possible will prevent inconvenient vehicle breakdowns in the future.

Problematic alternator

Your alternator charges your car’s electrical system through your battery. A bad alternator will, therefore, cause a lot of issues. If you notice that your headlights seem dim, flickering, or don’t work at all, this is usually due to a problematic alternator. An odd sound is also a sign that this part of your engine is faulty. Since your alternator has a lot of spinning and moving parts, many breakages will sound like a misled orchestra. Although troubled lights and nerve-racking sounds are easy to detect, more subtle cues that this area needs your attention include slower windshield wipers, heated seats, and problematic locks. It can be easy to ignore these warning signs, but they can cause more considerable damage in the long run. Having your car checked, especially as winter approaches, is essential to your safety and convenience. In the event that your vehicle breaks down because of a faulty alternator, and you aren’t sure what to do, a towing Pompano Beach service can attend to you quickly.

Damaged tires

Flat tires are common causes of a breakdown, making this an essential part to maintain. To do this, make sure your car tire’s pressure is right for its size and weight. Observe for cracks and bulging because these indicate risky degradation. Any punctures and extreme wear and tear will also have to be addressed before major drives. It is an excellent practice to inflate your tires every fortnight, even despite minimal use. Tire replacements are usually required every five years or earlier if the tread depth goes down to 1.6mm or below.

Faulty electrical system

If you smell burning plastic while driving, you should stop your car immediately. This is a clear sign of electrical malfunction. More subtle cues that your vehicle’s electrical wiring is faulty are your lights not working properly and your engine not starting at once. Although a problematic battery and alternator can trigger the issue on lights and engine, persistent troubles can also mean the electrical system is damaged.

Your car, like the human body, is made up of different yet intertwined systems. Neglecting a minute issue will affect other functions and your safety and convenience too. Routine check-ups are always better than regret.

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